Range Hood Reviews

Range Hood Reviews

As you cook, certain unnecessary elements might crop up like steam, heat, smoke, odors, and tiny particles of oil and grease. Cooktops like gas stoves and ranges spread harmful nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide along with smoke that reeks of grease.

If you do not take care of your kitchen, then it’s double the mess and eventually, this can lead to a kitchen area that has reduced value. One way to make the kitchen a safer, cleaner place is by installing a range hood.

What is a range hood, though? This unit takes away all unclean air by means of ducted installation or cleans it by way of filters or ductless installation.

This article will discuss all you need to know about range hoods, but if you want to learn about products available, make sure to read range hood reviews, too.

Range hoods are helpful and beneficial to have on hand since they suck up the heated, damp, and greasy streams of air and smoke generated by cooking. No longer will the air in your kitchen be rank and full of odors.

The range hood will do its job of eliminating those annoyances. Any avid cooking enthusiast or chef will agree that there is a difference between cooking in a comfortable environment and tolerating a hot kitchen for a good number of hours.

There are models of overhead range hoods which supplement your cooking with lighting so you can focus on your project. One of the factors one has to take into account when buying a range hood is the quantity of light and the type of light the model offers, whether it is fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, or a combination of those types.

Remember that the bulb wattage does not have to be high because the hood will be situated nearer to the cooktop than the overhead lights in the kitchen.

Maintaining a cooking area that is free from grease and contaminants will keep it clean and free from mold and bacteria. Grease and moisture produced while cooking settles on kitchen surfaces and can leave a tacky, ugly film on counters and cabinets.

However, with t a kitchen hood, these contaminants will be eliminated, making cleanups and maintenance procedures easier and faster. High-tech range hoods even provide features that allow the unit to operate on a 10 to 1-minute timer after cooking.

And just because a device is designed to be functional does not mean that it will not have a sleek and attractive look. Range hoods today come with designs that will easily suit modern kitchens.

You will notice that the range hoods in commercial and professional establishments are beautifully designed. They become the focal point of the entire kitchen.

There are lots of range hoods with different styles—you can get classic ones that can fit kitchens with a country feel or get one that has a contemporary style. You won’t be challenged to find one that matches your kitchen because of the great selection of designs available.

There are indeed many positive reasons why your kitchen requires a range hood. You can begin your hunt by finding what kind of range hood you need, whether you want something mounted on the wall or a unit that will fit your kitchen island.

You will also deal with prices and a slew of other factors apart from your needs and the style you are after.

Remember that the range hood is a typical appliance meaning it requires installation. Those costs have to be added into your allotted budget for the device.

The installation can be dealt with by a professional at a reasonable cost. It is also crucial to remember that users have to check the requirements for installation with the manufacturer or the seller before buying.

The Different Kinds of Range Hoods

When shopping for range hoods, you have to know the different so you can determine which among the bunch you need for your kitchen. If you want to make your search easier and acquire more information about products, you can refer to range hood reviews, too.

Under cabinet

The under cabinet type of range hood fastens to the bottom of the cabinet, which is located on top of the cooktop. This model can be found in a variety of designs and strengths.

If the model features a flue, it is also called a chimney hood. If you have cabinets above your range, it is important to take them away so the hood can fit and perform its tasks properly.

Wall mount

The wall mount type of range hood is the same as the under cabinet models, except they fasten to the wall instead of the cabinets


The island type of range hood dangles from the ceiling over a kitchen island. If the oven serves as part of the island, having a hood is a great way to ventilate the kitchen.

This kind of range hood comes in lots of designs from curved metal, to glass canopies, to the more standard designs.


The downdraft kind of range hood is concealed. They only appear when they are in use. It pulls in smoke and steam in a horizontal manner all over the cooking surface.

Insert/power pack

These range hoods are hidden, much like the downdraft kind. They are built into the cabinet on top of the cooking surface.

Pro hood

The pro hood is bigger than the standard under cabinet hood. They have a bigger size and a more professional look. They also contain more power than regular ones.

This is for homeowners who cook frequently. It comes in a good selection of styles.

Features of a Range Hood

Here are some of the features that you will find in range hoods. Keep in mind that different hoods provide different settings so you have to check a variety of models before you get one that has all the attributes you need.

Automatic shutoff

Having this feature means users can set the fan of the device off following a particular period of time.

Change filter indicator

This feature usually come in the form of lights and it indicates when the range requires cleaning or the filter has to be replaced.

Heat sensor

Whenever the device perceives too much heat, this feature will modify the fan speed of the unit automatically.


Certain models of range hoods contain 1-4 light to illuminate the cooking surface. If you often cook at night, you can opt for a model with a low-light level.

There are other lighting options too, ranging from LED, to halogen, to incandescent.

Range Hood Maintenance

Range hoods serve a crucial role when it comes to cooking procedures. They have to take away odors, heat, and smoke from the cooking area.

Including a range hood that is taken care of properly in the kitchen means that your home will not have unwanted odors and the air inside it will be kept fresh and clean at all times.

Vent hoods include a metal sheath that strains the food particles and fat from cooking. They can be taken away from the device and cleaned using warm, soapy water.

In the majority of cases, they can be washed in the dishwasher as well. But prior to washing those filters, it is recommended that you read the manual of the unit.

The filters do not require changing. They are durable and apt to provide long years of service.

Ventless hoods, meanwhile, are not capable of filtering cooking air outside the kitchen and so need an extra filter to take away bad odors before allowing the air to flow back into the kitchen. These come with a metal filter which can be cleaned in the same manner as the vent hood. They also come with a charcoal filter.

The charcoal takes in the smells and eventually requires replacements. In the majority of cases, the charcoal is fixed into the chief metal filter and removal of the clips to change the charcoal requires little to no effort.

These charcoal filters are affordable and as soon as you have changed the item the first time, replacement work will be a breeze for you. You have to change filters at least every 6 months.

However, the replacement will also be based on the regularity of your cooking, whether you cook daily or a few times every week. If you cook constantly, the filters might need to be changed every 3 months.





  Broan 413004 ADA Capable Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood  $  4.5/5
  Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood  $$  4.2/5
  Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood  $  4.7/5
  Z Line KB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood  $$$  4.1/5
  AKDY AZ63175S Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood  $$  3.8/5
   Cavaliere SV218B2-30 Wall Mount Range Hood  $$  4.2/5
   BV Stainless Steel 30″ Ducted Range Hood with LED Lights  $$$  4.4/5
   Proline Wall / Undercabinet Range Hood $$$  4.0/5
   Tatsumaki 30″ TA-400 AUTO CLEAN Range Hood  $$  4.5/5
   Miseno MH00330G 750 CFM 30 Inch Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Range Hood  $$$  5/5

5 Suggested Range Hoods

You are now quite familiar with the workings and basic components of the range hood. Here is a list of five products which garnered positive feedback from customers.

Check out the units and accompanying mini reviews. Who knows — you might discover something that will work in your kitchen.

Broan 413004 ADA Capable Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood

If you are on the lookout for a ductless model, then this Broan 413004 ADA Capable Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood may be your size. This is a good model for the kitchen and it has an excellent shape and a streamlined yet sleek appearance.

Furthermore, this model can be mounted as non-ducted only with charcoal filter. The inclusion of the charcoal filter makes for an effective and efficient setup that can strain out smoke, fumes, and odors.

The device can operate in ADA-compliant applications and it includes a rocker-type fan with two speeds and light control. It also comes with a protective lamp lens that releases light uniformly all over the cooking surface.

The unit is a snap to clean due to its solid lines and it is available in a good range of colors, so you can pick a shade that will complement your kitchen.


  • Can be installed anywhere in the kitchen
  • Simple to install
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Has charcoal filter


  • Noisy fan

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood

The Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood measures 30 inches and has a sleek and modern design that will add some pep to your kitchen. It is reasonably priced as well.

The unit includes s two-piece adjustable chimney with smooth, curved borders plus no welded seams on any of the three chimney facades. The entire unit also comes with a touch screen control panel, three-speed settings plus two LED lights, each light bearing 49 bulbs.

Excellent visibility is of course a must if you are working in the kitchen, so the presence of LED lights is a helpful addition to the assembly. For optional vent-less installation, the unit also comes with charcoal carbon filters without needing any additional kit.


  • Produces minimal noise
  • Can be mounted minus ducting
  • Can be installed above a counter
  • Has chimney with protective layer
  • Does not require venting outside
  • Comes with fan that suits gas stovetops


  • Limited to certain places in kitchens
  • Made from thinner, flimsy metal material

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood

Are you on the hunt for a unit that will get rid of grease and oil in the air? Do you want something that will prevent heat, odors, and smoke from remaining in the kitchen while cooking and that will make the kitchen a comfortable place for eating?

Then this Perfetto wall mount range hood is something you have to consider. The model is a brushed stainless steel range hood that measures 30 inches and includes tempered glass and user-friendly push button controls.

For better filtration procedures, it comes with two mesh filters. There is a selection of convertible systems available and the unit can be either ductless or ducted.

The filters for carbon charcoal are retailed separately, but the can be found easily. It is a snap to clean and requires minimal maintenance.


  • Classy and stylish design
  • Affordable price
  • Can be ductless or ducted
  • Easy to use push button controls
  • Backed by 3-year warranty


  • Needs painstaking installation, which might require homeowners to spend money on professional assistance

Z Line KB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

Are you in need of a wall mount range hood? It is best that you consider the workings of the Z Line KB-36. It serves to get rid of the odors and heat caused by cooking.

It measures 36 inches and comes with four speeds so users can manage the suction rate based on the kitchen’s conditions. The installation for this unit is fast and easy. The charcoal filters can be fit or removed effortlessly as well.

The factory-mounted and tested fan and blower allows faster hot air removal. Its stylish stainless steel design and construction makes the whole ensemble a great pick for any modern kitchen.

The unit also comes with LED lights so you can better focus on your cooking tasks and it is simple to change into a ductless type hood.


  • Sleek, excellent stainless steel structure and design
  • Comes with dishwasher-friendly charcoal filters
  • Fur-speed motors
  • Includes easy to use touch screen controls


  • Installation hardware not appropriate for the setup

AKDY AZ63175S Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood

The AKDY AZ63175S Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood is made from quality stainless steel and features LED lights that will help you focus on your cooking. It also includes a great filtration system with excellent air circulation.

The unit comes with a touch panel plus a display where users can check out the temperature. The unit has a nice shape and size, plus a really sleek and trendy design that will not look out of place in modern kitchens.

This is like a range hood that you see on cooking shows. The stainless steel construction has a durable and sturdy feel that will provide longer service. It is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Having this in your kitchen will not only improve air quality and get rid of unnecessary odors, it will also provide an aesthetic touch to your cooking area.


  • Can be installed easily on the wall
  • Constructed from high-end stainless steel material
  • Includes three-speed LED touch panel control
  • Provides 400 CFM quality air circulation system
  • Has Teflon-coated blades
  • Requires fast and easy installation
  • Operates with minimal noise
  • ETL-certified


  • Touchpad can be noisy when used


There are several different kinds of range hoods and selecting an appropriate style will be based on your kitchen. This article has discussed all of the essentials you need to know about the product, so choosing a good model will be a whole lot easier for you.

One great tip is to read more range hood reviews. That way, you will be informed of all the stuff you need to know about these releases from companies both huge and small.