AKDY AZ63175S Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood Review

AKDY AZ63175S Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood Review

Cooking in the kitchen exposes people to some problems. The kitchen can be hot and steamy, odors form, and there is grease and fat in the air, creating a stickiness that can cause mold and bacteria growth. It’s not exactly appetizing, but such are the consequences of cooking.

You can avoid this, though, by installing a range hood in your kitchen. The range hood can rid the kitchen of unwanted elements like steam, heat, fumes, odors, and even those grease and fat particulates floating in the air.

It has big advantages, so you will often see range hoods mounted in commercial and professional restaurant kitchens. Even cooking shows have them.

Get more ideas about how range hoods work by reading this review of the AKDY AZ63175S Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood.

Features of AKDY AZ63175S Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood

  • Comes with 3-speed fan with automatic shutoff and delayed power
  • Made from high-quality, sturdy 18-gauge stainless steel
  • Includes touch-sensitive control panel with LED display
  • Requires assembly and installation
  • Has 2 bright 2W LED lights
  • 154W motor power
  • US and Canada ETL-approved
  • Includes 2-piece chimney
  • Has closed hood at back
  • 110-volt model
  • Extension chimneys sold individually


The chief function of a range hood is to air out the kitchen to take away the odors, heat, steam, fumes, and smoke brought about by regular cooking. Having a range hood like the AKDY AZ63175S means grease and oil will not accumulate in the kitchen and ruin your appliances or the overall look of the area and its fixtures.

The AKDY AZ63175S is a chimney hood type, also known as the wall mount range hood.

Wall mount hoods feature a canopy or a hood on top of the range or the cooktop, plus an internal fan which catches smells, smoke, heat, and steam. These are driven up to a chimney, towards the ceiling, and into the vent.

This kind of range hood can be wall mounted on top of the cooking surface without the presence of cabinets or it can be mounted unconnected over a kitchen island. The wall mount hood can be ductless or ducted.

Without the use of kitchen cabinets, this kind of range hood installs with exposed vent stacks on the wall of the kitchen. Wall mount hood models for kitchen islands vent by way of ductwork located in the ceiling.

If you want to install one on an island, you have to remember to go for a model at least 6 inches larger than the cooking surface, since it will not have any wall cabinets beside it to assist in directing the fumes. If your kitchen has higher ceilings, it is recommended that you get a customized one instead, to make up for the additional space.

Wall mount models like the AKDY AZ63175S come in a wide variety of stylish designs and, more often than not, they are made to be the focal points of the entire area.

The AKDY AZ63175S is a nice model due to several great points. It is made with high-end, durable stainless steel. It has Teflon-finished blades, which stop it from succumbing to corrosion and wear.

It includes an adjustable chimney, which lets users modify the unit to several heights with minimal effort. It has a stunning design that will complement modern kitchens.

Furthermore, the unit comes with a 3-year warranty on major components and nice customer support as well. Some parts may require replacement, but it is easy to find replacement parts.

Just get in contact with the company’s support team. Lastly, it offers good value for your money.


The AKDY AZ63175S unfortunately comes with insufficient instructions. You have to go online for easier instructions, on YouTube for instance.

The unit also emits a loud beep if you are using its timer, speed options, and lighting. It is important to consider the color of the LED lights provided in the unit—the lights have a blue tint to them and this may clash with the color scheme of your kitchen. Furthermore, the lighting could be improved upon.


If you want a range hood that can be ducted outside and you do not cook greasy foods most of the time, the AKDY AZ63175S Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood is a great model for you. This is also a nice model if you have an overall great lighting system in your kitchen and you won’t have to rely on the LED lights included with the hood.

The model is priced affordably, so this is a good buy for frugal homeowners. If you are after an aesthetically-pleasing unit, this has sleek, stylish, and modern design.

Lastly, it has excellent construction and a dependable customer support team. For those reasons, this product is a nice recommendation.

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