How high should range hood be

How high should range hood be?

Range hood has one of the major functions to play in the cook top area. It helps in air filtration and gets rid of air borne diseases in the kitchen. Determining the height of a range hood is one of the main factors before you install one. There are three important components in the range hood that includes a fan blower, grease filter and a capture panel.

You need to decide whether you’re buying the ducted application or a ductless application. While the one that is ducted comes with an output collar and terminates outside the building, the ductless application mostly contains activated charcoal and helps in getting rid of the unwanted odor.

Points to be considered while installing a Range Hood and determining the height

If you already have a hood installed then make sure that you remove it safely. If you leave some portion and it is not removed properly then understanding the height adjustments would be difficult.

Check the area properly and make sure that the new hood is 25 inches above the surface. Having a 3-inch overhang in different sides proves to be the best. While planning this out make sure that the wiring that is going to connect to the protrudes is at least 12 inches away from the wall.

Closely observe the direction of the vent and determine the height depending on the exit point. Either the vent should go back through the wall or it should run above the cabinet. Depending on the position of the vent, you need to decide the access point for the ductwork. Once you finalize the exit point for the vent then you can easily draw up the holes to make sure that the knockout wiring is designed at the correct position.

Most of the users prefer metal covers on the light fixture. Try to turn your range hood on a counter and make sure that the wiring is not covered while putting up metal covers. Focus on exposing the wiring and creating a smooth fan assembly.

Misconception related to the height of range hoods

Make sure that you are not affected by various misconceptions doing the rounds. Wrong information can destroy the interiors of your kitchen and affect the cooking process. Though you can do it yourself but if you have even the slightest doubts then you can get in touch with a professional and get the work done. The biggest misconception is that people measure the distance from the floor instead of measuring it from the cooking surface. Even the manufacturers of some well known companies have committed this mistake and you should avoid this blunder.

In order to avoid the mistakes and planning it properly you need to keep three points in mind.

  • What is the style of the hood?
  • You preferred method of cooking?
  • Which cooking product do you prefer?

Make sure that you are leaving enough space for ventilation. In order to get rid of bad odor and grease you need to make space for proper ventilation. Blower speed, proper capture area and efficient ducting are three areas that need to be planned out before the installation of the range hood. At the same time you need to avoid the contact of flame with the hood. Smoke needs to dissipate properly before it is exhausted.

Gas cooking V/S Electric cooking

There are different cooking products available depending on the cooking style that you prefer. Let’s address both the styles and understand the height adjustment for both.

Gas Cooking

When compared with the traditional cooking products the products being used today have higher heat output. Because of this there are different restrictions applied on different products. One of the most common gas hoods is the stainless steel wall hood and it is 18” in length. For this particular product you should make sure that you hang the hood 35” above the surface. If you have a custom hood that consists of lighting, filter and switches then you can get it customized depending on your requirements.

Custom hoods are mainly made by using wood and they need to have excessive clearance points when compared to other forms of hoods. The minimum clearance height for a wooden hood is 36” above the cooking surface.

When it comes to gas cooking you also have the chimney styled hood and cabinet hood. Both the products require a minimum clearance height of 30”.  Traditional styles of range hoods are still preferred by many households.

For island styled hoods there is a difference between wooden and island styled hood. A minimum of 30 inches is recommended for Stainless Steel Island styled hoods and 36” for wooden hoods. For regular gas range hoods that don’t have power burners the height can be reduced. The clearance for these range hoods ranges between 25” to 28”.

Electric cooking

All the styles of products are almost same when it comes to electric cooking. Very few households require 18” tall range hoods. As mentioned above the electric cook tops have reduced output when compared with traditional cooking style. The recommended distance for the electric cooking product is 24” to 29” from the cooking surface. Just make sure that you are not using tall cookware or you would need to make adjustments depending on that.


You should make sure that you go over the installation guidelines in detail before you start installing the range hoods. There is abundant information present in the installation manual and it comes as a useful resource. Having a proper understanding of your cooking style and the dimensions of your cooking area plays a key role in selecting a range hood.

You need to select a range hood depending on the area of your kitchen. You cannot expect to compromise on the height regulations as it plays a vital role in keeping the kitchen fume free. If you have lesser kitchen space then make sure you don’t select a large sized cookware.

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