Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood Review

Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood Review

If you are bothered by the constant flurry of smoke and odors wafting around your kitchen, don’t worry! There is a solution to help prevent this problem. The range hood is something you have to consider if you want to get rid of obvious cooking smells.

Quality range hoods offer a great, comfortable cooking and eating environment in the kitchen. They are often provided with advanced technology.

If you are considering purchasing one, you have to check out this review of the Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood.

Features of Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 Wall-Mounted Range Hood

  • 2-piece adjustable ducted model with curved borders
  • Does not have any obvious welded seams
  • Comes with 2 LED lights with 49 bulbs each
  • Includes flexible aluminum duct for simple installation to ceiling or wall
  • Comes with 2 aluminum micro-cell dishwasher-friendly grease filters
  • Can be mounted without vents
  • Made from quality 304 stainless steel
  • Includes charcoal carbon filters
  • Has UL-certified motor
  • Comes with 3-speed settings


The Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 is a ducted hood. This kind of range hood can be found in a good number of home kitchens.

However, some kitchen designs might restrict mounting of the device since this type of hood requires being able to shift air out of the area. The ducted hood is limited by where it can be positioned.

The device should be fastened to a duct that has pipes in order to bring the floating particles out of the kitchen and into the outdoors. This attribute makes it different from the ductless kind of range hood, which recirculates the air by means of a filter, back into the kitchen.

Going for the ducted kind of range hoods means you will have to acquire the appropriate ducts mounted to drive away the air and particles. The ducted hood range can be seen in commercial kitchens or in houses that include bigger ranges with a tendency to produce lots of fumes, odors, or smoke.

Depending on your cooking habits, a ducted model like the STL75 might be something that you need for your contemporary cooking spot, regardless whether you tend a commercial kitchen or not.

The ducted kind of range hood has a tendency to be more effective when it comes to removing steam and humidity from the cooking area because of the fact that they are not straining and recirculating the air. Instead, they expel it from the kitchen entirely.

There are users who say that the ducted system operates more effectively and is quieter than the ductless kind of range hood. However, this is disputable since noise generation and effectivity all vary based on the model, size, and upkeep of the range hood.

The STL75 is a wall-mounted stainless steel model that includes a 2-piece adjustable chimney with smooth, curved borders. In terms of design, it excels overall since it does not show any obvious welded seams on its three facades.

The system also contains a touchscreen control panel with 3-speed settings. It comes with two quality LED lights, each bearing 49 bulbs. For easier installation to the ceiling or wall, the unit includes a flexible aluminum duct.

To further maximize operations and accomplish its tasks, the STL75 comes with a UL-certified motor, a charcoal carbon filter, and dishwasher-friendly aluminum micro-cell grease filters. The charcoal carbon filter makes for optional installation minus the vents and additional installation kit.

All in all, this is a good buy since it makes minimal noise while operating, it can be installed minus ducting and it can be installed over a counter. It has a fan that is compatible with a gas stovetop.

Venting outside is not needed. Lastly, its chimney comes with a protective film for safer, more convenient operations.


The problem with the STL75 is that it is made from a thin metal material which vibrates, adding considerably to the level of noise.


The Kitchen Bath Collection STL75 Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood is a good range hood if you want something with a ducted design. It has certain attributes that will make the whole cooking experience a breeze.

You might want to spend a little more time honing your craft. It has a great design which complements today’s kitchens. It can be installed without ducts and can be trimmed and installed over a counter.

It also includes a fan that matches gas stoves. This is great for homeowners who are very satisfied with the work done on their kitchen interiors and do not have plans to remodel them, at least for an extended period of time.

For those who seek the ducted kind of range hood, you should check out this offering from Kitchen Bath Collection.

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