Proline WallUndercabinet Range Hood Review

Proline Wall/Undercabinet Range Hood Review

If you wish to keep your kitchen completely odor free and do not want the space to smell like the kitchen in a restaurant, opting for a range hood would become obvious. Not only does the indoor chimney comes handy for channeling out fumes and gases released by cooktops and ovens in a kitchen but also is instrumental in keeping surrounding spaces in your home smoke-free and odor free. The Wall/Undercabinet Range Hood PLJW from Proline is surely one of the most performance-oriented ventilation hoods that you can buy for your kitchen for a good number of reasons.

This extractor fan from Proline has been innovatively designed and built that drives out fumes and malodors and promotes the circulation of fresh air. The exhaust plume keeps your kitchen from getting overheated, improves illumination, especially over the cooktop surface, and finally, makes the humdrum task of cooking more enjoyable.

The Proline Wall/Undercabinet PLJW will keep your kitchen always free from gases, fumes, odors, and steam.  The detailed review will allow you to understand the product a lot better and decide if this particular offering is something that can be an ideal addition to your kitchen.


  • Minimal space is required for installing PLJW 185 as it one of the slenderest models available with a height of only 5 inches
  • Back panels can be easily removed for facilitating ceiling ventilation or back aeration
  • Undercabinet section of the ventilation hood comes outfitted with 1.5w GU LED bulbs that fully illuminates the top surface of the oven
  • 4-speed dual blowers are driven by a powerful motor yet does the evacuation job without a fuss
  • Ventilating capacity of 600 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Panel and the baffle filters have been crafted out of the best grade of steel
  • Power rating of 110v/60hz


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Powerful LED lights
  • Excellent air flow capacity
  • Does the basic job of removing fumes and odors excellently
  • Timer for automatically turning off the fans
  • Silent operation
  • Robust Construction


  • LED lights once they burn out will have to be replaced by lights from OEM
  • The full airflow capacity can be achieved only under unrestrained conditions
  • 3/8”Mounting screws do not seem to be hardy enough to withstand the load
  • Not exactly silent as claimed by the manufacturer
  • The springs in the grease filters look somewhat flimsy

Summary of Features

This is one range hood that perfectly balances performance with good looks. The vent hood has been compactly designed which implies it takes up minimal installation space in the kitchen. Then again, it comes with premium quality baffle filters which clean out grease and oil pretty well. The dual LED lights on the undercover of the range hood are bright enough up to light up the entire functional surface of your oven or cook top. Built quality is also commendable as the vital components of the ventilation hood have been shaped out of a superlative grade of stainless steel.

The stainless steel construction coupled with the brushed finishing syncs perfectly with other stainless steel kitchen appliances, thereby accentuating the ambience of the entire space. There are two LED lights one on each end on the underside of the ventilator that in turn is embedded with tiny LEDs. Moreover, all that translates into a perfectly lighting up the top surface of the cook top letting you clearly see every nook and cranny.

The range hoods available in the market with an airflow capacity of 600CFMs can be counted on the hand. Additionally, it is one kitchen hood that is effective in purifying the air over a large area when the same is installed as per the instructions of the manufacturer.

The PLJW 185 is capable of completely pulling out fumes, gases and odors emanating from the main burner or front burner and channeling the same out through the duct. Somebody sitting just outside the kitchen won’t be able to smell a thing. You can carry on conversation with someone or listen to the radio while the ventilator fan does its job.

Lastly, the hood along with the baffle filters has been chipped out of durable quality of stainless steel which can keep it working smoothly for years.  You can activate a 3-minute timer for bringing the fans to a standstill on their own. This kitchen hood is supplied to you with a 3-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Comparison with a Similar Product

The market has a number of similar products that also do the task pretty well. Depending on the budget and the requirements customers usually select their favorite products. Speaking about Proline PLJW kitchen hood, compares favorably with the Awoco 30” RH-UCO85 5” High Stainless Steel that is priced a tad lower than the former. There are several areas where Proline wins the battle and performs way better.

For instance, the Awoco model comes with a 4-speed blower fan with a maximum airflow capacity of 800CFM with two LED lights. But with 2 motors and a higher power rating of 120v/60 Hz, it is not as quiet or energy efficient as the Proline model. However, it has an auto shut-off timer like the Proline model but installation instructions have not been clearly outlined.


By and large, the Proline Wall/Undercabinet Range Hood PLJW furnishes you with good value in terms of your investment. If you’re looking for a range hood with all the bells and whistles, then you should look elsewhere as this fume extractor does not come with a precision timer or a digitized clock.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of selecting a hood for your kitchen that does the job of driving out all the accumulated smoke, fumes, and odors to your satisfaction without burning a hole in your pocket, then look no further than the PLJW from Proline. However, it will be a nice idea to go through the in-depth review and understand the product better before making a purchase.

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