Range Hoods Brands– What and Where to Look For When You Are Looking?

Range Hoods Brands– What and Where to Look For When You Are Looking?

Today’s era has blessed us with the incredibly helpful range hoods and all the benefits they bring. Consumers have simply gone crazy because not only do they ease and improve your kitchen experience, but they also look incredibly stylish.

Heavy cooking, especially on a high powered stove, requests some tremendous ventilation and smoke exhaustion, and this is where the range hoods excel!

You can stay rest assured that your kitchen will be stylish and smoke-free, but there are certain precautions you must take into consideration just like with any other appliance for your home. With an informed decision, the positive results are almost guaranteed.

What should I look for in a range hood? Range Hoods Brands– What and Where to Look For When You Are Looking?

If you are looking for a range hood that will excel at exhausting smoke and keep your kitchen smoke-free, you ought to know a few things about their functionality.

Ducted or non-ducted range hoods

You may make a separation between these two types of range hoods based on the location or place where your stove is.

Vented models are connected to ductwork (thus are called ducted) in a wall or a ceiling and it exhaust air out of the house

On the other hand, ductless models are installed in townhouses or condominiums – they filter steam, grease and smoke away from the stove and again in the room.

Ductless hood models aren’t often recommended because they take smoke and disperse it in the kitchen and in other rooms; however, they are much easier to install and mount compared to the vented models.

Air flow and filtration

Regarding ducted models – the more airflow they have, the quicker the fans exhaust the air. Airflow is measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute, and for a meet-cooker on a daily basis you will need a model that has approximately 400CFM or above.

On the other hand, charcoal filters are able to exhaust particles out of the air, while mesh filters can be reused and rewashed. However, you can get the most filtration and air exhaustion through a charcoal filter.

Dimensions, Class and Style

If you are retouching your kitchen and your stove is already positioned under cabinets, you are somewhat limited to an under-cabinet range hood. And if you have a kitchen island you will probably need an island hood to exhaust smoke out of your kitchen through the ducts in the ceiling.

However, you can look for a downdraft style of a hood because it exhausts smoke down and through the floor.

If your stove is against the wall, you can also get a chimney-style or other wall-mounting models.

When talking about dimensions, you might want to go with a larger hood because it should be at least as big as your cooking surface in order to optimally exhaust the smoke and remove the grease from your kitchen.

In the case of range hoods, it is safe to say that bigger is better.

Features that must be considered when buying a high quality range hood are:

  • Good airflow – the bigger the airflow, the faster the ventilation
  • Number of fan speeds – it is recommended for a hood to have a minimum of two speeds because the fan speeds also have an influence to the noise the hood makes or doesn’t make
  • Thermostat control

When it comes to thermostat control, we are talking about a temperature sensor that will turn on automatically if the temperature above the kitchen stove gets higher than the intended. Their purpose is to protect the inside technology and electronics from damage by higher temperatures and melting.

However, if you are cooking with oil and it catches fire, this fan might turn on drawing more air to the fair and risk making it worse.

  • Exhaust timer – if included in the range hood it will give you the benefits

So which brands provide the most quality brand hoods with these awesome features?

Ranging from 33 to 66 inch width, and with their specific configuration (under cabinet, wall chimney, down-draft and island location), the following brands are the ones that give the most awesome air exhaustion and style and also have the longest durability.

In addition, they include high CFM capacity, electronic controls, automatic extend and retract, filter maintenance and other helpful indicators and high quality lights.


Broan range hoods are efficient in protecting your interior from damaging factors like heat, humidity, grease, while they are saving your time and money. They are in the business for more than 80 years and will surely have enough different types and varieties of range hoods that will meet your needs.


Frigidaire range hoods are probably the most luxurious and classy range hoods for a very stylish design of your whole kitchen


Z-Line provides state of the art technology and designer range hoods that will take your kitchen to the next level. They are elegant, built to last, and also have amazing hand carved hoods that scream elegance.

GE Appliance

GE Appliance, as their quote says “Good things, for life” – makes range hoods out of extremely good and lasting materials that are most likely to be removed because you got bored of them, rather than because they broke.


Whirlpool range hoods provide different types and styles of very practical and effective range hoods while promising effective air exhaustion and quiet time.


No matter which brand you choose, you are not going to be mistaken as all of these brands are extremely practical and look professional and classy.

When you want your kitchen to be smoke-free, at least do it with style and give your kitchen a modern and restaurant-like feeling. We promise that the time spent in such a kitchen will boost your positive energy and will improve your impressions when you are staying at home.

Having either one of these brands will improve your cooking experience and will make your kitchen a better place – providing style, durability and, most importantly, functionality.

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