The 30 inch Firebird with Island Mounting Style Review

The 30 inch Firebird with Island Mounting Style Review

If you are looking to take your kitchen to the next level, the 30” Firebird with an island mounting style range hood is just the thing for you. It is both stylish with super-cool glass wings on the sides, as it is effective with an airflow capacity of around 400 cubic feet per minute.

The stainless steel material that it is made of gives it a pinch of class, while the technical equipment it has makes it one of the handiest appliances in the kitchen.

It surely and effectively removes smoke from your kitchen, and with the built in glass it fancies up and enhances the style of your entire home. A touch of European spirit within your kitchen has never been easier to obtain.

More importantly, the 30 inch Firebird with Island Mounting Style clears air from smoke in no-time, thus helping you cook without any displeasures like tears from the smoke or a cooked-up feeling. This appliance will effectively remove the smoke from your kitchen while adding class and luxury to it.

Features of The 30 inch Firebird with Island Mounting Style

Amongst the most important features of the Firebird 30inch range hood are the following:

  • Comes in dimensions of 5 x 23.6 inches
  • Works quietly at less than 65 decibels
  • Provides airflow of 400CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • It has three speeds control
  • The control panel is touch-sensitive
  • It has a motor power of 150 Watts
  • It has a telescopic chimney fitting 8 to 9 ft ceiling
  • Made from 23-gauge stainless steel
  • Mounting style- Island
  • Weighs around 68 pounds


The benefits from the appliance are numerous, but we chose a few to highlight:

  • It gives a classy and fancy impression
  • It clears smoke quickly and efficiently
  • There is a non-return air flap
  • The touch control panel is sensitive and helpful
  • The blue LED lights provide a touch of sophistication


As no device is perfect, this one has its flaws too because:

  • It cannot be adapted for smaller ceilings without modifications to the chute
  • The lights are not bright enough
  • The owner’s manual is not so helpful and you might need additional information and research when mounting it
  • It is somewhat hard to change the clock on the panel


What you get from the Firebird 30’’ island style mount range hood is a sophisticated kitchen with the much needed 21-st century technical equipment – yes, even in your range hood. The small yet stylish blue LED lights provide luxurious and classy touch to your whole kitchen.

It is almost needless to say that this appliance will freshen-up your kitchen air and will prevent smoke from spreading into other rooms as it works very fast, exhausting a lot of smoke.

If we take into consideration that this is a rather fancy and stylish appliance for your kitchen, it is safe to say that even though it might be a little difficult to install it, the results are worth it. Even if this means that you might need to do a bit more research when mounting it, because frankly if it is going to stay there for a longer time, you surely want to install it properly.

Plus, if we consider the high quality materials it is made of, well then, it is needless to say that it is going to stay there for a very long time.

Another very cool thing about it is the fact that it has a non-return air-flap, because during those cold winter days you don’t want your heat to escape through the vent.


Compared to older and more average types of range hoods, it is almost impossible to miss the fact that the Firebird 30” range hood is as efficient as other devices while bringing the hard-achieved class in your home. It definitely looks more stylish than other range hoods while doing the same job.

With it being a well-thought out appliance, you get even more benefits from a single appliance. The best part is that you are almost unaware that it is working due to the low noise it makes, and yet it works at least as good as any other similar appliance.

If we consider the three most important beneficial factors to a good range hood, we conclude that the Firebird 30” is faster, more effective and more efficient than the average range hoods exhausting air of 400 cubic feet per minute, meaning that the air in your kitchen will be smoke-free in no time – even after you burn your meal.

The thing that the average range hoods don’t have and Firebird 30” has is style and class – as the glass wings on the sides will surely make visitors admire your kitchen interior.


If the sole purpose of range hoods is to exhaust air and remove smoke from your kitchen, then the Firebird 30” has exceeded those expectations. With the impeccable airflow capacity, it keeps your kitchen smoke and noise free.

Sometimes you won’t even know it is working, so you can feel free to spend time in the kitchen without the buzzing in your head after turning it on.

Of course, it is an addition that it not only has the “brains” – it does the job efficiently and effectively, but it also has the “looks” – it gives your kitchen a stylish and luxurious interior design and it almost promises that many will be jealous of your class.

So whether you are looking for an effective range hood or for a range hood that looks good in your kitchen – you will never be wrong with the Firebird 30”.

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