What is a convertible range hood? Range hood ventilation and more

What is a convertible range hood? Range hood ventilation and more

If you have been using a kitchen range hood for quite some time, you might notice its performance has begun to degrade. Maybe it’s time to clean the grease filters or replace the entire unit. When it comes to purchasing a new range hood, consider some factors such as the options for exhaust.

There are three options, two of which are the most popular, the vented or ducted, and the ductless or non-vented. There’s another option: a convertible. What is a convertible range hood?

What is a convertible range hood?

Let’s get directly to the point. The convertible range hood vents in either way: ducted or ductless. It also refers to a range hood that can be mounted in alternating ducting modes. It usually houses 7 inch round ducted, 3 ¼ by 10 inch vertical or horizontal ducted and non-ducted vents.

A convertible range hood is built with the necessary parts for provisions of both ducted and non-ducted exhaust options. It may also require a charcoal filter if used as non-duct vent range hood.

That is simple. But how does each, vented and ductless, work?

What is a vented range hood?

In a vented range hood, the unit is ducted to the outside to completely release unwanted particles from the kitchen in the air outside. It can either be mounted to an exterior wall, in which the exhaust duct is short, or to an interior wall that needs more power to force the air to draw in the hood and release it outside.

How to vent a kitchen range hood requires strict step by step installation. You can hire a professional to do the work, but you can actually do it by yourself or with a partner. Buy the needed materials and tools and research the easy to follow installation guide.

One important thing to keep in mind when venting a range hood: never duct it to the attic or basement. Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual and requirements.

What is a non-vented, duct free range hood?

In a non-vented kitchen range hood, the air in the kitchen is sucked in through the filter of the range hood. In this filter, the grease, fumes, heat, odors, and other unwanted particles are trapped, and then clean air is drawn back into the kitchen. In this exhaust option, the filter is important. 

What are the three kinds of range hood grease filter?

The grease filter is an important component of a range hood that effectively traps grease and oil fumes. There are three kinds of grease filters:

Fabric grease filter

A fabric filter absorbs the unwanted particles and prevents them from getting released back into the kitchen. It can’t be cleaned, so it should be replaced once it becomes very dirty.

Charcoal filter

A charcoal filter is present in ductless range hoods. Its major objective is to neutralize odors and remove smoke and fumes. Once the air is filtered, the air is re circulated back into the kitchen.

Just like a fabric grease filter, a charcoal filter only needs replacement. It should be regularly replaced every 3 – 4 months or depending on how often the range hood is used.

Metallic grease filter

A metallic grease filter is either a baffle filter, a mesh filter, or both. It is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. It is usually visible at the underside of the range hood.

A metallic grease filter can be easily cleaned. 

How to clean a range hood filter

Cleaning a range hood filter seems like a tough job. It is actually easy. Here are the very easy steps:

  1. Remove the metallic grease filter from the range hood.
  2. Put the filter in a sink that won’t be used for the next hour.
  3. Prepare the cleaning solution.
  4. Submerge the filter into the solution. Let it stand for an hour.
  5. Brush the filter to loosen the grease and other dirt.
  6. Let the filter air dry.
  7. Once dry, attach the filter back into the range hood.

How to clean a range hood filter is important knowledge especially for duct free range hoods and convertible range hoods. Are you torn between non-vented and vented?

Consider getting a convertible range hood that can work either as non-vent range hood or as a vented range hood. Also consider getting a good quality convertible range hood to ensure optimal performance and sucking power.

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