What is a range hood and why does every kitchen need one?

What is a range hood and why does every kitchen need one?

Is your kitchen clean enough? Does it smell good? If not, well, it might not have enough ventilation. Spraying air freshener is not a good idea because it might affect food or people.

When it comes to providing enough ventilation and preventing odors in the kitchen, range hoods are the best devices. What is a range hood and how does it work?

What is a range hood?

Among the many names of range hoods are exhaust hood, extractor hood, ventilation hood, fume extractor, electric chimney, and extractor fan. Despite these name variants, they all work the same.

A range hood is a kitchen device installed above the stove range equipped with a mechanical fan, capture panel, and grease filter. It eliminates grease, fumes, odors, heat, and other unwanted elements from the kitchen by evacuating the air and filtering it.

The filtration system in range hoods gets rid of the grease and other elements. A range hood vents air outside the kitchen, but some models recirculate the filtered air back to the kitchen.

If you are tired of cleaning your kitchen from the thick airborne grease accumulated on walls, you need a range hood. If you’re embarrassed with how your kitchen smells, you need a range hood.

What are the benefits of range hoods?

There are five major reasons why home owners install range hoods. With the following benefits of range hoods, they do not regret having spent a few bucks.

Cleans air inside the kitchen

The kitchen is supposed to be the cleanest part of the house. It should be free from dirt and any airborne viruses that can affect food. Meal preparations involve steam, grease, and smoke that potentially affect health when inhaled.

The range hood eliminates any toxic, gasses, and pollutants from the air in the kitchen. It sucks all these elements out of the kitchen and home.

It improves air ventilation that prevents germs and bacteria to grow. There’s more: a range hood reduces amounts of carbon monoxide, a toxic gas, inside the kitchen.

Eliminates heat

The majority of the heat in the kitchen comes from the stovetop or steam from the food being cooked. The heat goes to your face and sweat goes out from you while cooking. This is not a very comfortable condition.

The range hood has a mechanical fan that sucks excess heat out and recirculates clean air back. It does not completely remove the heat as a traditional fan or air conditioner does, but at least it removes the excess heat that comes from the stove.

Comfortable cooking and living

You do not want to cook in a very hot place. You do not want to clean your kitchen often. Good thing range hoods provide a clean, comfortable kitchen by removing unwanted elements and odors. It improves air circulation and ventilation and preventing grease accumulation.

Improves kitchen lighting

Cooking meals in poor lightning is difficult. It takes more effort that you’re supposed to exert for cooking instead. With poor lightning, you can miss dirt around the area, and not be able to see if the food is cooked properly.

A range hood comes with extra lighting for meals being prepared. It provides you enough light so you can see the food properly to prevent it from burning or being undercooked.

With this lighting you can also see every mess and dirt in kitchen crevices. It also saves energy by turning it on instead of turning on every light in the kitchen.

Add value to the property

Range hoods are common part of a modern home. Without this device, you might not be able to sell or your property at the price it deserves. If you have an old range hood, you might also want to consider replacing it with a modern one.


It can’t be denied that range hoods are important parts of kitchens. They provide enough ventilation and eliminate grease, heat, fumes, smokes, and odor from the kitchen by sucking air in, filtering it, and recirculating it back in. Range hoods also prevent airborne bacteria, viruses, and germs that might otherwise affect food and health.

Know more about what is a range hood, how to buy quality range hoods, and the best range hood brands today. Have a comfortable cooking experience!

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