Z Line KB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood Review

Z Line KB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood Review

If you cook regularly, then you might have dealt with a lot of careful cleanups and maintenance. The cooking area is always a mess after preparing meals. While you’re cooking, the kitchen is steamy, hot, and riddled with odors.

These unnecessary elements will not just go away in a snap. They will remain for a while, which can be a hassle. One solution for this is the range hood.

This device strains out floating grease, odors, fumes, and other contaminants from the air. Now instead of fanning those smells away, you can simply install a range hood over your cooktop.

Considering getting one? Then gather more information about products. Here is a review of the Z Line KB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood.

Features of Z Line KB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

  • Quality stainless steel design
  • Comes with four-speed 760 CFM with timer and automatic shutoff
  • Has dishwasher-friendly baffle filters
  • Provides directional lighting
  • Has overall measurements of 36″ x 19.7″ x 10.5″


Chefs and avid cooking enthusiasts will agree that odors, heat, and steam can hamper an otherwise exciting activity in the kitchen. A range hood like the Z Line KB-36 will keep away those bad elements and allow a constant stream of fresh, clean air.

This is the reason why lots of professional and commercial kitchens feature range hoods. You can clearly see range hoods of varying sizes and brands on lots of cooking shows.

Because the unit is efficient when it comes to taking away smells and heat, it allows individuals to be freer in the kitchen. They can move about and become more creative with their fare.

Have you ever wanted to try out an exotic dish but were hesitant due to the fact that the procedure might end up making the house smell like food for several days? As soon as you get a range hood mounted, you won’t have to deal with that issue anymore.

Foods with strong odors will not dominate the kitchen. Your home will be kept fresh even after cooking.

By getting rid of all the unnecessary moisture, heat, and grease, a well-tended and ventilated kitchen will also prevent the accumulation of sticky, dirty film that can get on the counter and cooking surfaces.

This should be taken away and prevented from building up as well since it can attract bacteria and mold. A range hood that is installed properly improves the air quality inside the kitchen.

The Z Line KB-36 is a wall mounted range hood. Wall mounted range hoods are also called chimney hoods. Due to its design, it can provide kitchens with a modern and classy look.

This kind of hood is employed where there is no presence of cabinets on top of the cooking surface or range. It comes with a visible vent stack, which extends up to the wall of the kitchen.

The majority of models require ducting, but there are convertible models available if needed.

The Z Line KB-36 includes two telescoping chimneys to guarantee a good fit. It has an excellent design and is built from quality stainless steel.

The installation or assembly of the device does not require lots of elbow grease. The buttons work well and the inclusion of LED lights is always a nice plus, especially if you need supplementary lighting while cooking.

The lights operate well. The unit also comes with a four-speed fan which works perfectly even at lower speeds. The product is nicely-packaged and comes with a cling plastic cover to safeguard the whole unit from damage.


There are certain things that you have to be aware of when it comes to the Z Line KB-36. The baffles have a slack fit on the housing and it is positioned in a rather uneven manner. It makes some noise, but it is not so loud that it will distract other people in the house.

The device has this tendency to vibrate if hung on two bolts. You can remedy this by supplementing it with extra screws on the back corners so it will hold up securely against the wall.

Lastly, the anchors and screws supplied in the package do not fit the whole unit well. It is much better if you go to a hardware store and buy the appropriate ones instead.


Despite some minor issues, the Z Line KB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood is still worth checking out if you are in need of a wall mount model. It installs easily and has a sleek and chic appearance.

The charcoal filters are easy to remove. Nearly all features and functions perform well.

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